Transom repair using Seacast™

Seacast™ is a composite material that can be used for transoms, stringers, floors, etc.

At Invision Boatworks we work with Seacast™ in our boat repair and restoration work.   Seacast™ is a synthetic material made from a mix of proprietary ingredients and recycled fiberglass fibers. Seacast™ uses chopped reinforcement recycled fiberglass that provides superior tensile strength in comparison to ceramic spheres. The materials found in Seacast™ are based on the same ones found in the rest of the boat and the hull. Making your transom repair last the lifetime of your boat.

Using Seacast™ for a swim platform. After pouring, the outer skin will be replaced with fiberglass.

 Seacast™ acts and responds like wood but is a superior material. It is made of 35% FRP composite, which contributes to its super strong impact resistance. Seacast™ is lighter then marine plywood but won’t change the balance of your boat and does not absorb water. 

Taking off outer skin to remove all wood from transom before pouring in Seacast™.

When Seascast™ is used in Transom repairs it is completely drillable and tappable like wood but will not crack, creep, rot or freeze at any temperature. In seventeen years we have never had a cracked or broken transom, even with the more powerful motors hung on some transoms.

Structural Composites, Inc has completed flexural testing on the three laminate panels that were provided to them. The results are summarized below.


Panel ID | Catalyst |Flex Strength | Flex Modulus |Max Load 

L panel   |    MEKP  |     17290 psi    |   903762 psi     | 6053 lb 

M panel  |    BPO    |      17641 psi    |   845039 psi     |6443 lb 

Wood      |    none   |      10204 psi  |    1005342 psi   |3598 lb

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