Invision Boatworks can fix rotten or damaged stringers using Seacast. We remove the rotten or damaged wood, fill with Seacast pourable mix and finish with new fiberglass. The result is a stringer that is three times stronger and will last a lifetime.

  • This pourable stringer mix has almost triple the strength of Marine Plywood.
  • Absorbs no water and will not rot.
  • Will not lose resiliency at freezing temperatures or creep at elevated temperatures.
  • Has excellent impact resistance.
  • Can be pre-fabricated and installed just like plywood; or poured in place.
  • Is competitively priced.
  • Learn more about Seacast.

Frequently Asked Questions About Seacast.

  • Do I have to remove all of the wood? Yes. Seacast™ is formulated to bond to the fiberglass. It will bond to small amounts of preexisting wood, that may remain after extraction, but the bond to fiberglass will be weakened.
  • Do I have to have an inner skin and cap on my transom when I am using Seacast™? Yes. Seacast's strength is dependent on being sandwiched in fiberglass skin. It is a core material.
  • Can I drill through it? Yes
  • Can I put metal reinforcements inside before I pour Seacast™ for added strength? No. With Seacast's strength, you will not need reinforcement. Any type of steel or aluminum will expand and contract with temperature changes and affect the integrity of the transom.

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